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Leveraging Dynarex's extensive range of surgical and procedural products, wound care solutions, first aid essentials, IV equipment, drug delivery items, and more, MSA delivers top-quality medical products and durable equipment at exceptional value. This ensures that you have an unparalleled one-stop shopping experience.


Our offerings include bandages, dressings, ointments, and creams designed to aid and support the healing process. 

  • Elastic Bandages - Clip & Self Closure

  • Stretch Gauze Bandages - Sterile & Non-Sterile

  • Wound Closure Strips - Sterile

  • Island Dressings - Sterile

  • Deluxe Wound Closure Trays

  • And More

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Easily access and order essential supplies:

  • Exam Table Rolls

  • Paper Products

  • Drapes

  • Disposable Underpads

  • Sterilization Products

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Through MSA's strategic partnership with iRemedy, we unlock access to a diverse range of high-quality products, including:

  • Disposable Medical Supplies 

  • Medical Devices 

  • Durable Medical Equipment 

  • Surgical Equipment 

  • Health Monitoring Devices

  • Wound Care Products 

  • Dental Equipment And Supplies 

  • Medical And Surgical Apparel 

  • Office Supplies

Our collaboration with iRemedy empowers us to deliver these top-tier offerings to our valued customers, ensuring they receive the utmost in quality and variety.

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